Sauna hostess

Our sauna hostess guarantees that every single guest enjoys themselves and gets the best possible sauna experience. She will introduce guests to the history of Finnish sauna and sauna culture. Hostess will prepare the “vastas” (bath whisks) if guests want to use them during the sauna. Using a bath whisk relaxes muscles and improves metabolism. It also purifies the skin. Washing back with linen mitten is also a part of Finnish sauna tradition. Sauna hostess can help with peeling and nourishing mud mask for body, too.

The sauna hostess spend about one hours with the guests and then leaves them to enjoy the sauna in their own company. She sets sauna drinks ready to the barn for guests after the sauna. Herbal drink, rhubarb juice or beer can be served. Of course some salty snacks can be arranged.


  • Sauna hostess 120 €/group
  • Vasta (bath whisk)  6 €/person
  • Hot well –whirlpool 12 €/person
  • Mud mask 6 €/person